Last updated: 8/5/2021

Unlike an about page, this page is meant to give a sense of what I’m doing & working on now. If we haven’t run into each other recently, here’s what I might say to catch you up:

  • I changed roles at Boise State! My home is now in the Office of Information Technology (OIT), rather than Institutional Research (IR). I’ll be leveraging my existing knowledge of our student data warehouse to help improve our ETL, and build capacity in our cloud-based warehouse environments.

  • I’m taking classes part-time. While I’m formally a non-degree-seeking student at Boise State, I’m basically following the core curriculum for a math major. Last year I completed multivarible calculus and an intro to linear algebra course. This fall I intend to take MATH-287 (“Mathematical Proofs & Methods”), which is a prerequisite for MATH-401 (“Intro to Real Analysis”), offered in the spring.

  • When I have time, I’m participating in the weekly #tidytuesday event that’s hosted by the R4DS community. I’m glad to have an event like this to keep my plotting and data-analysis skills sharp. It’s also been good to stretch on presentation and design. You can find my contributions on twitter.

  • I’m teaching myself CSS/HTML on Both languages come up frequently when working with meant-for-web content, and I’ve been below where I’ve wanted to be in terms of my comfort in using them.

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