about me

Hi! I’m Andrew. I live in Boise ID, and currently work at Boise State University in the Office of Institutional Research. I serve as an institutional research analyst where my work focuses on cleaning and analyzing data to track student and organizational outcomes & metrics. Previously, I lived/worked in Ann Arbor MI, where I worked in the Child & Adolescent Data Lab at UM’s School of Social Work. Some of the publications and projects I’ve worked on can be found in my CV.

Although I’ll likely be using it less for my day job, I’m a big fan of the R programming language and other open-source software, so I like to keep tabs on new packages and updates from the community. From 2015-2019 I helped out with the Ann Arbor’s R User Group as a co-organizer (usually as a workshop instructor, but occasionally giving talks). I’m also interested in open science and the reproducibility movement that’s being expressed in various forms across scientific communities.

Aside from my academic interests, I like looking at analog/handmade data visualizations and maps, finding unique beers with my partner, traveling, playing strategy games (like Go), and feeding an expanding reading list.

I’ve started this page/blog as a way to curate thoughts, and explore different datasets and methods that I’m trying to learn about. I hope at the very least I’ll have some interesting (if not useful) things for you to read. In that vein, any views expressed here are solely mine and not those of my employer or colleagues. If you want to get in touch, feel free to send me a DM on twitter, or send me an email to my personal address!

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